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About Us

Corrective Coaching and Performance looks at every client as an individual. We take great care in designing a personalized, structured health program to help you achieve your goals. There is a unique level of detail involved in assessing EVERY new client, and in the design of your individual, structured holistic coaching plan. 


Our programs incorporate musculo-skeletal balance and typically start with advanced corrective exercise. The same principles are applied for all levels of health and fitness; from those with persistent health challenges all the way through to improving athletic performance.


We also provide structured coaching on diet, using a Health Appraisal Questionnaire form (HAQ) to determine metabolic typing, along with Holistic Lifestyle Coaching (HLC). HLC is designed to reduce stress in all its forms and will show you practical ways to create space for health in today's fast-paced world.


We are trained to assess and design a complete health coaching plan that is truly individual to each client - no two programs will ever be the same! Using this holistic approach will not only help you achieve your desired outcome, but it will also teach you how to sustain a healthy lifestyle long term.  

Meet Your Coach!



My name is Julien. 

I am a certified personal trainer, corrective exercise specialist, and CHEK level 1 Practitioner.


I help people re-align, restore symmetry, and teach functional exercise in order to improve in life or sport. 


Using a holistic approach to health and fitness, I teach my clients about their structural alignment, stress levels, and lifestyle factors; all of which have a major influence on accomplishing desired fitness and health goals.   


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Our Services

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Detailed Postural Analysis.

  • Full musculo-skeletal assessment. We will identify any areas of dysfunction and define which exercise system will work best for you. We look at the root cause of pain or dysfunction rather than symptoms.

Core Testing and Functional Stability.

  • There are multiple core stabilizer muscles we must test. If these key muscles become de-conditioned, we can loose the ability to generate power and pain can become persistent. 


Functional Movement Screening.

  • Analyzing your bodies ability to perform functional movement prior to prescribing any exercise program.

Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology 
The C.H.E.K System

PHASE 1 CORRECTIVE & STABILITY Designed to: re-align; create stability.

Phase 1 is a safe phase for clients
to start the process – even pro
level athletes start here! I will identify any areas that may need re-balancing throughout your body and design an exercise program that is specific to you and your unique body mechanics.

Phase 1 can be likened to ‘re-booting’ your musculoskeletal and nervous system. The unwinding of tension in
the body that may have been trapped for years (sometimes decades) will start to restore symmetry and stability to the entire body. I will use a number of effective, non-invasive techniques to facilitate this.

The exercises you will perform in this phase are ‘axially unloaded’ (performed laying down) and are progressed toward axial loading in preparation for Phase 2 and

what is termed ‘Primal Standard’. This refers to your ability to achieve good form in all 7 of Paul Chek’s Primal Movement Patterns along with other CHEK rehabilitation systems, including in-depth core assessment.


On completion of various exercise programs and a number of re- assessments, you will be ready to progress on to Phase 2. And, more importantly, you will already feel a great deal better.


Designed to: build a body to last; maximize functionality.

Having seen a reduction in pain – or, where no pain existed, improvements
in postural alignment and body function and performance –We'll progress on to Phase 2. Here, the focus is on the integration of the entire body to achieve mastery of ‘Primal Standard’.

Your Phase 2 exercise program will be designed to build you a body to last
and perform normal life functions to the very best of your ability.

Most clients see remarkable improvements in the way their body looks in Phase 1. Working through your Phase 2 program will help you to shape a truly healthy, vital body – from the inside out!

PHASE 3 SPORT/ROLE SPECIFIC Designed to: condition the body to perform a specific sport or role at the optimum level.

On completion of Phase 2 training, and with increased all-round health and vitality, it’s time to enter Phase 3: role or sport-specific conditioning, if required.

This type of conditioning is what you will see most personal trainers and strength coaches performing with their clients for the vast majority of time (whether they are ready for it or not). With the CHEK System, a client will be exposed to this phase for limited amounts of time only, due to the catabolic nature of this type of conditioning.


I have spent many years developing the in-depth program design skills that enable them to work with professional and amateur athletes as well as those working in professions that require

specific physical performance. These range from fire fighters and soldiers to individuals who simply want to have a great skiing trip!

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