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About Us

Corrective Coaching and Performance looks at every client as an individual. We take great care in designing a personalized, structured health program to help you achieve your goals. There is a unique level of detail involved in assessing EVERY new client, and in the design of your individual, structured holistic coaching plan. 


Our programs incorporate musculo-skeletal balance and typically start with advanced corrective exercise. The same principles are applied for all levels of health and fitness; from those with persistent health challenges all the way through to improving athletic performance.


We also provide structured coaching on diet, using a Health Appraisal Questionnaire form (HAQ) to determine metabolic typing, along with Holistic Lifestyle Coaching (HLC). HLC is designed to reduce stress in all its forms and will show you practical ways to create space for health in today's fast-paced world.


We are trained to assess and design a complete health coaching plan that is truly individual to each client - no two programs will ever be the same! Using this holistic approach will not only help you achieve your desired outcome, but it will also teach you how to sustain a healthy lifestyle long term.  


To begin your program will start with a detailed postural evaluation. During this evaluation we will collect measurements of your skeletal structure to determine the best approach on how to bring your body back into optimal postural alignment. This is done through a corrective stretch and mobilization program that you will be taught how to complete on your own, and is separate from the corrective or performance exercise program.

What you choose to eat and how you choose to exercise and live dramatically influence how you interpret life events and how rapidly you age! Holistic lifestyle coaching will help us create stress reduction strategies, as well as improving lifestyle factors such as nutrition, hydration, and sleep rhythms. 


My name is Julien. 

I am a Integrated Movement Specialist and Holistic Lifestyle Coach.


I help people re-align, restore symmetry, and teach functional movement in order to improve in life or sport. 


Using a holistic approach to health and fitness, I teach my clients about their structural alignment, stress levels, and lifestyle factors in order to reach their desired goals.


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